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Music With Me musical heritage class
Music With Me

Designed by Ms. Juliette,

  • Share the musical heritage of each student's family
  • Experience music from each of the inhabited continents
  • Learn how a number of cultures influence our musical experience
  • Continue the fun with home materials

Every class will contain . . .

  • Singing and Vocal Play
  • Instruments Exploration
  • Music and Movement
  • Active Listening
  • Literature

For more information on Music With Me,
please download or open the following .pdf documents:

  • Music With Me Brochure
  • Music With Me Enrollment

  • Musical People private lessons

    specialist in education for lifetime music
    with concentrations in multicultural and vocal music,
    and early childhood and special needs education

    My primary focus as an instructor of vocal music is to help students of all ages grow as musicians in whatever style of music they are interested, because a student’s passion for music drives his or her learning.

    • Early Childhood Ages: Experiencing Music
    • Elementary Ages: Building on Early Childhood skills at a higher level
    • Middle School and High School Ages: Advancing Musical Skills
    • Adults: What is your passion?
    • Students with Special Needs: Let's explore together

    For more information on private lessons,
    please download or open the following .pdf documents: